Show and tell

A street in London

Saw this shop whilst walking down the road thinking about the highlighting idea and realised that this is a form of highlighting. It caught my attention although I didn’t spend any ££££’s on Golf related goods.

Highlighting in the street

Natural History Museum

There were rows and rows of precious stones and gems. This photo is of one part of a collection that had been donated to the museum. Found them so mesmerising partly from a magpie’s perspective but also because I love things in collections.

Beautiful collection of precious stones

This made me laugh to myself. Thought it was a great invention to use 4 metronomes and pivoting paw cups to exercise a dog.

Great invention of an exercise machine for a dog

The Science museum

Pocket globes – what a great idea. The text about it said ‘The terrestrial or Earth globe was usually contained in a fishskin case which had a map of the heavens on the inside.’

Pocket globe

I thought the use of bic biros (my favourite pen!) to make a chandelier was superb. When people use objects for an alternative use, I find it really interesting as you can’t help having preconceptions about how they should be used. This usually leads me onto thoughts about the full potential of the object. Think I’m going to attempt a smaller version one day, more of a lampshade and maybe in red.

Chandellier out of bic biros

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