Brrrrriliant day

The morning before the market

I really enjoyed myself yesterday! It was very chilly and our feet were like blocks of ice by the end, but the experience has made be realise a few important things. I didn’t sell any books which I thought would make me feel disappointed. However, I was so pleased that people looked through them and smiled, that the fact that they weren’t queuing up the buy them was no issue. It felt like a really different space to exhibit and it enabled a new audience to see the work.

Our stall at the Hockley arts market

There were so many lovely things to buy and see at the market. I thoroughly enjoyed looking around and seeing the huge variety of hand made goods. I also purchased a few bits and bobs, including the below beautiful small screen. The stall holder gave the story behind it which made it even more precious. A father had made the frame and stuck down the 1950’s cigarette cards as a present for his daughter. Love the use of the cards to create something new and it is now functioning as a fire cover in my living room.

Butterfly screen

Whist on a mission for bacon cobs and cups of tea, I spotted a new piece of furniture for my collection. This was the icing on the cake and made the whole day worth while!

Up against it

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