Circumference, Width and Length

I have gathered most of my cardboard tube collection and decided to order them. I’m still not entirely sure what I find so attractive about cardboard tubes but I really do like them.




My house is my new studio space and it is working a treat so far. Just in the process of sorting out the spare room too.

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  1. bophoto72 says:

    i would not be able to resist making them into a little cardboard tune man.

  2. bophoto72 says:

    cardboard tube man.. i mean..
    and i´m weird too..
    just bought tor capa coloured pencils and paper.. and the stationary side..hmm.. just cannot beat a good drawing set.

    • Rebi says:

      I also adore stationary. Did a project once where I made stationary sculptures and I think it was mainly so I could buy loads of stationary that I wouldn’t usually use, like treasury tags! The cardboard tubes are the start of a cardboard fetish I think, I’ve also started collecting the cardboard bit left when tape runs out.

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