Pigeon post

I have shed loads of photographs of the found furniture and think I need to see it together as a collection. I think I might make them into a book of postcards, maybe just for me to send to my friends and family. I could even make personalised stamps!


I have recently been using pigeon post (not really with pigeons, but it’s what I like to imagine when I use the postal service). I have been sending letters and postcards and there is something really magical about it. I like the idea of it going on a journey and seeing new sights along the way. Postcards especially have this really exhibitionist feel about them, as anyone handling them can read what you have been up to and more often than not, how the weather is where you are. They are an accidental audience.  I think this would be one of the biggest pros to being a postman or a literate Pigeon!

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