Every Chair

I have a lot of chair love and nothing makes me happier than discovering other people who love them too! I was looking at the website 20×200 where you can buy Artists prints (as you do on a Sunday evening when you’re trying to hold on tightly to the weekend) when I happened across the work of Luke Strosnider. It is called Every Chair At the Visual Studies Workshop and it’s absolutely wonderful! I was sad that it had sold out but was so pleased to have seen it at all. This is the first chair of the collection:

Chair 001

You can view all of the chairs in the project on Flickr and they are truly fascinating. There are such great contrasts between each chair and even the ones that are seemingly the same, have very subtle differences that make them unique. I have not seen a piece of art that has made me this happy for a while and as someone that helplessly personifies chairs, it was a pleasure to see portraits of so many characters!

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