Quick, stop!

I was on my way back from Hobbycraft when I saw this delight! I shouted ‘quick, stop!’ in excitement. I like the different positions they’re in.





Plasic bag waiting


My friend Phil just sent me this delight! I love the leaves on the floor and the plastic bag that looks like it’s waiting for someone to pick it up!

A new kind of Monday feeling!

So, I have changed my working hours and I now have Monday’s off! This has been my first one at home and I have thoroughly appreciated having this time. The only slight dampener is I have a rotten cold, but that has not ruined the day. The cats have been supportive too, especially when I was faced with the task of sorting through hundreds of discarded furniture photos.

And the streets were lined with furniture

I was shocked, in a very good way, when I walked down the road our apartment was on and saw a discarded sofa in pieces! I still had my suitcase in my hand, and couldn’t believe my luck. I thought to myself, that this was probably a one off situation/a happy coincidence but no! I saw the following sights on my travel:

Incredible furniture finds!

My friend Simon seriously made my day when he came back from his travels in Thailand with some fantastic furniture finds! (Thank you!) It is extremely exciting to see discarded furniture from other places around the world.

These ones were found in Bangkok near Khao San Road:

This one was spotted in Ayutthaya.

And last but certainty not least, is this wonderful overgrown sofa found on Ko Chang in a place called Lonely Beach.

I wonder which countries would  never dream of leaving a sofa outside on the street…


Bank holiday furniture update

I love bank holidays! Having three days off in a row is blooming marvelous and I thought how better to spend some of the extra time, than to give a furniture update. I have seen such a variety of late:


All the photographs

I went to the parcel depot yesterday and to my glee picked up all my discarded seating photographs I ordered. It was very heavy and opening it and looking through them was so much fun! It was great to remember where and when I saw the different chairs and sofa’s.

My next step is to start organising them into different groups. I am going to begin in a moment and am wondering whether coloured stickers on the back might help or whether it will over complicate it. I shall have to have a play!

Look what can be found in Benidorm

My friend Stuart found this delight in Benidorm. (Thank you!!) The international collection is growing! The furniture spotters are getting further a field and with my trip to New York on the horizon, I am hoping there is some discarded seating waiting for me!

On mass

I have ordered all of the discarded seating photos that I have taken since 2006 and the grand total (I think if my abacus is working properly) is 836. I guessed 500, so a lot more happy snappy than expected! This includes photos of the same seating on different days as well as various angles and perspectives. I cannot wait to see them all together and start categorising them. I got a selection of them printed ages ago and I decided to lay them out in the garden. It was so good to see them laid out and I started to notice details that I hadn’t noticed before.

I would really like to show this as a collection and think all the photos on mass could work well. I am super excited to see them all printed!!


Up against a tree

Whilst in Birmingham for the weekend, I spotted this sofa lethagically leaning up against a tree. It looked tired or like it had drunk too many beers with it’s lunch.