When you lose something

I think the feeling of loss is one of the worse feelings in the world.

Today I discovered my SD card was missing and had that sinking feeling when you know you haven’t backed it up. Photos, for me, are extremely precious but also sometimes a burden. I take photos everyday. That means there are A LOT of them, and they become this disorganised mess of ‘photo’s to sort’ folders and unsearchable badly labeled virtual files. I love them. I get lost in them and I morn them when they are gone.

I had a conversation, just as I left work. I melodramatically told the sad tale of my missing SD card, in which a colleague replied with ‘Yeah, I know what you mean, when my Mum died my family took all of the family photos, so I have none.’ Without meaning to at all (she was really sympathetic), it was like someone had smacked me round the head with some perspective.

I may not have the photos, but I was there taking them. They’re not as easy to access now, by any stretch of the imagination, but they are there. People say it will turn up and I hope they’re are right, but if that doesn’t happen then it’s going to be okay. Worse things happen at sea, and if I remember anything, there’s no point crying over spilt milk.

Bay leaf heart

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