Nottingham Contemporary – Generous tea portions

Went to Nottingham Contemporary last weekend and the art was really great, especially enjoyed Frances Stark’s work. The tea was also superb and everlasting. I ordered a pot of Earl Greg for approx £2 and it lasted for 3 whole cups!

I thought the cafe bar had a good feel and design. You can’t go wrong with an oversized tea cup and a disproportionate cigarette. On the other side of the room there was a huge ruler too!

Frances Stark – My favourite pieces:

And also another one at the same time, not, 2003 (Trees and birds)

In box, 2004 (Paper in a pile out of a cardboard box)

I went through my bin yet again, 2008 (Hand holding paper on red background)

Brrrrriliant day

The morning before the market

I really enjoyed myself yesterday! It was very chilly and our feet were like blocks of ice by the end, but the experience has made be realise a few important things. I didn’t sell any books which I thought would make me feel disappointed. However, I was so pleased that people looked through them and smiled, that the fact that they weren’t queuing up the buy them was no issue. It felt like a really different space to exhibit and it enabled a new audience to see the work.

Our stall at the Hockley arts market

There were so many lovely things to buy and see at the market. I thoroughly enjoyed looking around and seeing the huge variety of hand made goods. I also purchased a few bits and bobs, including the below beautiful small screen. The stall holder gave the story behind it which made it even more precious. A father had made the frame and stuck down the 1950’s cigarette cards as a present for his daughter. Love the use of the cards to create something new and it is now functioning as a fire cover in my living room.

Butterfly screen

Whist on a mission for bacon cobs and cups of tea, I spotted a new piece of furniture for my collection. This was the icing on the cake and made the whole day worth while!

Up against it

Apples and Pears and Crafty Wares

Hockley Arts Market

Saturday 27th June 10am – 3pm

Sneinton Market, Nottingham

After spending today armed with a knife, corrugated cardboard and many a printed page, I am relived to say I’m calling it a night. I haven’t made as many as I’d like but me and my domestic printer have nothing left in us to give. I’m quite nervous and excited about how people will react to the books. Wish me luck!

Empty Stage

Empty Stage – Malt Cross Gallery

I thought the concept of this show was really interesting and all the work fitted it well. The idea was that the work wasn’t immediately visible to the audience which meant you had to look harder to see it or even find it. ‘Each artist is interested in the idea of trickery and deception and questioning expectations of art in a gallery space.’

I think this piece was most successful! A ghostly figure projected onto the wall, walked around and disappeared. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, before it disappeared. I then waited to see it again and really liked watching it.