All the way from Perth, Australia!

Nicky emailed me this absolute corker and it made my day! Thank you so much! What an incredible sofa sight! I love the fact it looks like someone has been lounging with their feet up on the right handside armchair.

Sunny sofa's

Sun lounger

A bare sun lounger bathed in winter sunshine spotted on a lovely walk from Gunthorpe to Hoveringham.

P1100319 P1100320


You win some, you lose some

Yesterday I had one of those daft moments in life. I got on the bus home and instead of the £1.70 bus fare being well spent, I instinctively jumped off the bus two minutes in as I spotted a leather sofa. When I got to it and realised I had left my camera at home and my phone was so low in battery the camera wouldn’t work; I wanted to weep. Not feeling great anyway, and feeling disheartened I stomped my journey home.

My grumpy face was greeted with a lovely smile when my friend Ali bumped into me. I blurted out my tragic tale and like the true friend she is, offered to take the photo on her way past. I was so pleased!

DSC00345 For web

Then something happened, as I was walking down a side street I witnessed, what could have been an advert for true friendship. A girl saw her friend in the distance, waved and then in a Phoebe from friends style run, galloped towards her and her friend did the same. When they got to each other, at speed the girl jumped up, legs around her friends waist and they spun round. Then still hugging (in the middle of the road) swayed from side to side. I don’t know the back story but they both really meant that hug and I felt happy (and slightly voyeuristic) to have witnessed something so genuine.

Armchair saga

Caroline kept me updated with this particular armchair. Every time she passed it, was in a different position, made me think it was doing armchair yoga.

photo (2)

photo (3)

photo (4)

I made it into an animated gif.



My friend Phil sent me this photo. (thank you!) It’s very peculiar! The chair is so over sized and the bear is quite unusual. This is a rare find in the world of discarded furniture.

Must focus

With my new camera I have been having some amusing focus moments. The first time I took it out and about, I managed to take a photo where the reeds in the foreground were perfectly crisp, when the subject, the swan became a background blur. I have mastered the manual focus which my camera has, however that didn’t stop me creating this shot when using the self-timer:


I actually really like this accidental photo. I was so happy that I got to visit my beloved garages.

Also, the furniture season is upon us and I saw a lovely mixture of seating.

P1070203 P1070205 P1070230 P1070232


End of the day

I left the office earlier today and walked home to continue where I left off in the morning. Having the flexibility to do this is a luxury and one I forget to take advantage of. Mansfield Road in Nottingham is full of sights, from the people to the shops. I never get bored of looking.

P1070167 P1070169 P1070170

Then I saw two very different furniture sightings. The first with a note that was asking for it to be taken, with reassurance that it goes through a standard sized door, displayed from a distance like an outdoor living area.

P1070174 P1070175

Then this mess of a pile, including a shoe and toys, amongst other rubbish.



This was a successful walk home.

Start of the day

This morning I woke up and decided to take a stroll with my camera before work. There is nothing like clearing your head before actually getting to the office. I have seen this grey square everyday for so long and decided today was the day to photograph it. I love this grey. I would paint my house in graffiti cover up grey, maybe one day…! I also noticed a sofa in an over grown piece of land. It’s one of the parts of my journey to work that I look out for as there is always something new to see.



My new camera, that I am very excited about, has more manual functions so I was trying out the focus on this rusty screw.