Great day!

We had a great day at the Winter Market! It had such a positive atmosphere and felt full to the brim with community spirit. All the stall holders were lovely and made such interesting things. There was a huge range of things to buy, but also a band and plenty of activities for children. Here is the video my Brother Theo and his friend Dan Brown created:

I think it captures the day wonderfully! Here are some photo’s I took:

Labels are made!

The Winter Market is next weekend!! I am super excited and have made all the family, including me some labels. The winter scene is down by the ford in Hall Green where the market is taking place. The photo was taken by my Brother, Theo who is a super photographer and film maker. Our stall is going to have a right mixture of crafty delights, from record clocks, to tea cosy’s and Christmas cards. If you’re in Birmingham, pop down to say hello!


I’m pooped

I have been working away all day in my own little world and this is what I’ve made:

I am hoping that people will like them! I have certainty enjoyed making them. The records have a life of their own and every one of them turns out a different shape.


Making things!

I am really enjoying making things at the moment! Yesterday I went home to see my family and my Mum taught me how to make bobbles out of wool, and I got slightly addicted. It was extremely therapeutic and will make super Christmas decorations.

The two things I am making to sell at the Winter Market in Hall Green are Record clocks, bowls/plant pots and framed pin cushions for your notes, photos, as well as ones designed to hang all your earrings on. Here are two I made earlier:

Here is the info about the Winter Market which my parents are involved in organising. We are going to have a family stall and should be a super day!


Making clocks

Recently I have really enjoyed making record clocks. I was making record bowls for a while (where you make it all wobbly in the oven) and I thought it would be fun to make it into a clock. I was asked to be part of a wonderful project called ’20 Crafty Makes’ which is a new book filled to the brim with craft projects to get stuck into. They are a bargain  £5 each and 100% of the proceeds go to the Stroke Association!

If you’re around in Nottingham this Thursday, come along to the launch party to pick up your copy, but if you can’t make it, you can buy it online. I am very excited to be involved!

I’ve gone potty!

I have recently been to Razzle Dazzle to paint my very own teapot! Caroline and I had such a lovely Saturday afternoon drinking tea, eating cake and painting. My concentration face came out a good few times.

The pale photos are pre-fired and the bright ones are once it’s been fired and varnished. I decided, after an inspiring pub chat to go for the theme graphs, animals and tea.







Any excuse to use glitter

Today I had my first day off for art purposes of the year. It was an absolute delight! We now have a table downstairs for me to spread out and create lots of mess. I have done my first paper making unsupervised. My Mum gave me a wonderul lesson at Christmas. It’s so relaxing and it takes no time at all.




I heart collage

I have recently been covering photo albums in collage for an extremely wonderful friend of mines birthday, Gemma. Ali and I decided to create two photo albums and I was in charge of the covers. I absolutely loved it! I became slightly obsessed with cutting pictures out of magazines. I ran out pretty quickly but fortunately Caroline popped in for a pot of tea and bought me round a huge pile of new magazines. They were the best types too, household delights!

They are purely decorative and have no deep meaning other than I like the pictures. That made it so much fun to put together and I’m really happy with the result and I think Gem was too!