String, the next chapter

This week I’m not at work and shall be attempting to make string sculptures again, without ruining my feeble excuses for wrists. After having problems with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I am giving it another go and am really looking forward to it! I think I might have to slow down a bit though, but as long as I decide the pace they will all be relative.

How I used to make string pieces

I am going to be wrapping the string around objects, rather than my hand this time so hopefully they’ll be less pressure on my wrists. I shall keep you up to date with my progress! Wish me luck!

Cardboard mechanics




I have just found a super great video of  Cardboard Mechanics which is made by 4 students of the Utrecht School of Art and Technology, Saskia Freeke, Fin Kingma, Davy Jacobs and Sonja van Vuure

Print screen from video ‘Cardboard mechanics Installation.’

I would like to create a mechanism that makes my time pieces for me for two reasons. 1. To regulate the wrapping time, because a regular rhythm from human hands can differ depending on lots of factors. 2. I have developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which means that repetitive actions using my wrist are currently far from ideal.

Last weekend I made my living room into a cardboard cat city as we had six cats in the house. Too much fun was had! It reminded me how much I like making things out of cardboard. I think using cardboard boxes, tubes, string and maybe some metal as a pivot could work. I am going to start with drawing such an invention right now!

Breakfast time

I have been working on a new piece based on the most important meal of the day, breakfast. I decided to start by hollowing two eggs which is a lot harder than it sounds. A bit like blowing up a balloon that just wont budge. I then wrapped string around the first one for the length it takes to cook a hard boiled egg and the second for a soft boiled egg. And last but not least, you can’t have a breakfast without a cup of tea!

I would really like to exhibit this work on a white shelf at the height of a kitchen work surface.

A wall of vinyl

I had a really good time at the opening of Exit Through the Record Shop! There were so many different styles of record. As you walked in you were faced with a wall of vinyl and I had a great time nosing around. I think I walked round at least four times and each time spotted something new to look at. They were all for sale and we bought one for the now Mr and Mrs Young for a wedding gift. It had a painting of a Mexican wrestler on it, which is a whole different story.

This was amazing, made with many records and screws!

There was also this beautiful cassette light!

One of my pieces ‘The Perfect Pop Song’ was mounted on the wall and the other, ‘The Average Record’ was displayed with other sculptural objects. I really enjoyed exhibiting again and it was good to have a theme to work towards.

Exit Through The Record Shop

I am hopefully in this exhibition tonight! I am definitely attending and looking forward to it. Apparently there are over 200 records to be seen. Whoop Whoop!

Oh My Gosh

43 Mansfield Road



String wrapped objects

I am really looking forward to wrapping objects in string for a length of time that relates to their use/purpose! I have wrapped this hollow egg (which was inspired by my Mum Ali and decorated Easter eggs) for the amount of time it takes to boil a soft boiled egg.

Coming soon, the perfect pop song, a bus journey and a cup of tea!

Shaving with Stanley

I had a very slow start to my Sunday. I went to the studio in hunt for string for a new idea. Once we’d opened the door it swelled up and became too big for the frame. We tried slamming it but no such luck. I phoned my Dad, Steve who came up with some cracking ideas but we had none of the necessary objects to help; hair dryer, extension cable, rope or appropriately sized piece of wood. I ended up having to use what we had, shaving the door with the aid of a Stanley knife. A laborious task but after some time it closed and we could go home to try out my new string idea!

I was having a cup of Earl grey with Phil and the topic of the Shroud of Turin came up. Phil was telling me about all the conspiracy, especially with particular reference to the ‘Analysis of optical perspective‘. This is the idea that the face would be distorted if the Shroud had been a result of the cloths contact with the face, because of the contours. This made me think about how my face would be represented if measured by string. I have had a first attempt today and you can see that the nose is particularly affected by the distortion.

Alan Davies + String = Happiness

There was a really interesting programme that was on tonight on Channel 2 discussing the science behind the question How long is a piece of string?

I definitely shall be having a second viewing as there are quite complex ideas and also, I was distracted by butternut squash and sweet potato soup. I feel Alan Davies deserves your full attention, he did play Jonathan Creek afterall…(I have the box set and cannot wait for the new episode at Easter!!!).


Experimented in the studio tonight and this is what happened. The string was wrapped around my hand for the amount of time it took me to go to the shop, and then unravelled.

String on wall - 'Going to the shop'

String on wall detail

String on wall detail

Glue and String

String and glueAfter a few close calls with the string pieces threatening to unravel themselves entirely, I started to think about ways to make them more permanent. I like the fact that they are ephemeral but thought it would be a good thing to try. Katie suggested using Varnish which I think would make them encased and shiny. I like this idea and will try different methods but I have just tried PVA glue as a starting point. It works really well as it still has the same aesthetic of string and the feel is just a harder,less fragile version. I worry that when parts get glued into place,  it changes where they fall and what people will get from the work. Going to have  good think.

I have really exciting news!! I’ve used some of my holiday allowance so that I can have every other Monday off until October. I’m really looking forward to having the day in the studio, just trying things out and attempting focus.