Garages in the snow

My family went out for a walk in the snow yesterday and took some photo’s of the garages in Hall Green, which I love. Wish I could have been there stomping in my new red wellies! The colours are so muted and the snowflakes create an extra pattern against the garage doors.

Garages in the snow

Woodhall Spa – First day

My first day in Woodhall Spa has been a real treat; from abandoned buildings, to cats on soft tops and discarded armchairs, what’s not to love? It has been no less than brilliant and has such a friendly feel (except right next to the Conservative club, which is slightly bleak). We had a wonderful gold teapot full of tea and a scone, raspberry jam and cream at Janet’s Tea Rooms, which is a visual treat for the eyes as you are surrounded by fantastic bric a brac delights. This was welcome after a 7 mile walk down by the river and round about.

Abandoned building Domestic postbox White truck in field Blue worn out fence Yummy tea and scones Broken wooden chair White cat on soft top car Arm Chair with bin bags


Abandoned nightclub

Al and I attempted (and failed) to go to the cinema the other day (turns out Skyfall is still very popular!) but we did stop and have a look at an abandoned Nightclub. There is something very eerie about somewhere that used to have so much dancing and merriment become so empty.

Garages galore

Me and my family went for a walk in Hall Green and stumbled across the most amazing garages I ever did see. They reminded me of a real life George Shaw painting. I think they are beautiful.

The odd thing is, for my Dad’s birthday I gave him a postcard of a George Shaw painting of Garages which is spookily like the ones we saw, down to the puddle.

Today I have been photographing…garages?

Yes, it’s true! I have been on a lovely walk around Sherwood in the autumn sunshine and three garages caught my eye. I think they are super and I don’t think it’s garage envy because I don’t have one. I like the fact they look well used or forgotten about, it’s a fine line.

Look at the colours, they are just incredible today!

It runs in the family

My Brother Theo took this photo recently and I love it! As a massive fan of wear and tear, I thought the rust made it but I also think the colours are marvellous. Theo is great at composition and has a fantastic eye for straight lines.

Wear and Tear

This year I have started a new collection of photographs of wear and tear that I find whilst on walks. With this and my discarded furniture habit, I am constantly on the hunt! I think worn paintwork can be so beautifully detailed and intricate. Some of the images that are created by photographing close up look like abstract paintings. Here are my top twelve:

I am yet to work out how I would like to display this ever growing collection. I like the way they look together and that I photograph what catches my eye. It’s a very simple project.