Time for reflection

How long is a piece of string?

I think that this piece was the most successful out of the three. It was a development from measuring physical objects with string, to measuring time.

How long is a piece of string?How long is a piece of string?LunchtimeMaking a cup of tea

A lot has happened since Sherwood Arts Week which has given me the time to think about how it all went and what’s next. I was very nervous about our first open studio event. I work full time and had an important deadline on the day before the studio was due to open its gates. I hadn’t exhibited for about 5 months and some of my ideas were very new, for example the video piece ‘Five and a half square feet’.

I couldn’t have been happier with the amount of people who came along and the level of engagement was brilliant. I think because it was a weekend, daytime event people had more time to stop and share opinions. Also there was a regular flow of people instead of everyone arriving at the same time which meant that you could give people your time.


I’m off for a walk in the park to think up a timetable for the next week. Have to be really strategic to get everything that I want completed. Also, there’s nothing worse than sitting in a badly lit living room, wrapping string around your hand, when the sunshine is winking at you. I am hoping a brisk walk will remove me of all excess energy and I will want nothing more than a laborious task to fill my evening.