Glue and String

String and glueAfter a few close calls with the string pieces threatening to unravel themselves entirely, I started to think about ways to make them more permanent. I like the fact that they are ephemeral but thought it would be a good thing to try. Katie suggested using Varnish which I think would make them encased and shiny. I like this idea and will try different methods but I have just tried PVA glue as a starting point. It works really well as it still has the same aesthetic of string and the feel is just a harder,less fragile version. I worry that when parts get glued into place,  it changes where they fall and what people will get from the work. Going to have  good think.

I have really exciting news!! I’ve used some of my holiday allowance so that I can have every other Monday off until October. I’m really looking forward to having the day in the studio, just trying things out and attempting focus.

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