Experimentation at the studio

My most recent experimentation:


10 seconds of poured glue

I am trying to make sculptures out of glue by pouring it for periods of time. I set up a few experiments and none of them have even slightly dried.

Did some research and the way to get water based glues to dry is to aid evaporation of the water in them. The three things to remember are that you need a) Hot temperature. B) Make a large surface area and C) Reduce density of surrounding water vapour in the air (good ventilation/wind/fan).

I am going to try making some flatter attempts to increase surface area. Hopefully they will dry but not sure if  they’ll be as sculptural.


1 minute highlighted

I coloured in the corner or each piece of paper starting with 10 seconds to 60 seconds with a highlighter. I would like to colour in some larger paper for the period of time of events, like with the string pieces.


1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minutes of tape

I wrapped tape around the end of bic Biro’s for 1 minute, 2 minutes and 3 minutes. I used masking tape as a base layer but the tape still wouldn’t come off. It also put a real strain on my hand and became quite painful. I shall try wrapping it around other things too. I was thinking it would be quite good to try doing this with something that spins – like a cassette player with a pen in it.

Spray paint

Spray paint 20 seconds

I sprayed the paint onto paper for different periods of time. Where it had been sprayed in a concentrated area it became shiny. I think this is a very simple idea but would like to try it in different ways.

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