Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

First things first, why is it always the most obvious place where things are found when you deem them lost. My camera was not on a field trip to the football but instead having a snooze in my handbag. Apologies for the slander Al.

After a lot of thought and confusion about how I could make my work more environmentally conscious, I had a plan. I moved house last weekend and it felt as though it was taking over my life. I decided to take this experience as an example of an everyday happening where there is potential for waste, especially with protective packaging.

I timed parts of the day e.g. tea break, conversation with the removal men and building the bed etc. I had the aid of Katies casio watch and got timing. The results are in and i’m going to make a visual bar chart of these timed events.

I did a test in the studio for 4 minutes with some cardboard:

Cardboard tower - 4 minutesCardboard tower - 4 minutes - detail

I am going to cut the cardboard/bubble wrap and other materials into squares using the length of the scissors blade. This will ensure the time is as even as possible and also the squares are the same sizes.

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