Like minds

I was reading a book recently which had pieces of writing by different types of artists (sculptors, film makers, play writes, writers, poets etc.). It had their points of view and stories about their experiences in the ‘art world’. I related to bits and bobs and started to mark them down, so I could read them back. 1 month later I have revisited the book and theses are the bits I had picked out:

When talking about his artwork vs his barbering he says they ‘meet and have a love affair, and at times they are so far removed it jars the day-to-day nuts and bolts of earning an honest bread’ Fraisel Abdu’ Allah

Talking to a painter friend of hers says ‘we agreed we always called ourselves ‘painter’ and ‘writer’ (not ‘artist’ and ‘poet’). Because it sounds more proper, i.e. manual, work, I suppose’ Selima Hill

‘Elizabeth LeMoine has spoken of the desire to do a residency where one went into somewhere not as an observer to make work in response to an object or to the situation but to go and do the work of that place for a while, to find out what it’s really like to work there.’ Louise K Wilson

I stopped reading the book at page 70 as it cut a sentence in half and two blank pages appeared. At first I thought it could be the artists statement but quickly realised it was a printing error. I think this says a lot about my point of view on the ‘art world’.

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