Floppy disks make it worth while

In my day job as an administrator there is a process whereby I still get to use floppy disks and it makes it all worth while. It makes me feel like I’m part of a different time. It’s exciting, something else most others don’t do. I have to reformat old ones (as we will never buy them new again) and then download information on to them. I do all this using the external disk drive as my computer is from a more modern time, just. There is talk about taking them away to ‘stream line’ the process. I will cry.


I like the fact that the majority of businesses have rejected them, but a historic process has kept them alive here. I like the thought of trying to glorify them, give them hope. They are not very reliable but they wear their failure on their sleeve, for they are called ‘floppy disks’. Who would seriously rely on anything with floppy in the title. I need to find a use for them, and fast.

When work is taking its toll, I can always look at my red plastic container filled to the brim with used floppy disks and smile. I think to myself ‘You are as useless as I feel’.

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