Paper chain

I got one step further to making my book of discarded furniture today. I have chosen the photo’s and I have bought the fairly eco 160gsm paper, it is FSC certified paper from a well-managed forest. Unfortunately it isn’t recycled and I was slightly confused by the difference between FSC and TCF (which has something, I think, with not bleaching paper with chlorine.) Paper is a total minefield but I am determined to learn more about it, even if I have to climb to the top of the below paper mountain!

Climbing a Pile of Files

Whilst I was in staples today I also found the EcoEasy range which is really great. I think they might have had some plastic wallets made out of biodegradable plastic, which is a great idea! I bought a notebook for White Rabbit Studio’s which is made from 80% bagasse. ‘This is the name for the plant fiber waste remaining after sugarcane is processed and crushed to make sugar.’

Finally, I will leave you with this image that Phil sent me from the website Sustainy. I love this visualisation of the amount of water in the world vs the size of the atmosphere, both in proportion to the earth. It boggled by mind to think of the atmosphere as a sphere.


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