White Trash

Got off the bus today and these sofa’s were waiting for me. I felt like the weekend had begun. I didn’t have my camera on me (lesson learnt!), so I went back home to collect it.

White Trash – 20th November 2009 – Mansfield road

Al came with me but there was a gentleman stood strangely close to the sofa’s. I went to the other side of the road whilst Al bravely approached said gentleman and asked…

‘Excuse me, are these yours?’

‘No, but I’m going to take one’

‘Would you mind awfully if my girlfriend over there (Al points at me and I wave) took a photo of these sofa’s, as she has lots of photo’s of discarded furniture’

‘Sure, no problem’

He moves away from the sofa’s and laughs a little. He picks up the phone to tell his friend about his humorous encounter.

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