A folder named random

I have a folder on my laptop that’s named ‘Random’ where a lot of photographs I take just because I like them as sights or images are kept. I think it’s about time I unleash the random upon you!

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  1. bophoto72 says:

    you do have an eye for the unusual – discarded – out of place..
    i like the traces of posters leaving blank areas on fences and the snow ball in the road is great fun..
    really love the deck chairs on an overcast day.. reminds me of an early parr photograph of a street celebration – http://static.picassomio.com/images/art/pm-35420-large.jpg – where all the tables full of cake were abandoned as the rain came streaming done..

    • Rebi says:

      Thank you! I am a very amateur photographer but see images I would like to capture often. I was more of a point and click and hope for the best, but have recently got an SLR which I am practising with. Not too confident as yet! 🙂 Hope you’re well and enjoying yourself! Al sends his best too.

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