A clock without hands

At Nottingham train station they have a clock with no hands. I thought this was a particularly peculiar place to have such an object as most of the people there would be waiting for a time to arrive. The clock would never provide the time and so people could just keep on waiting. (If by a freak occurrence no-one there owned watches or mobile phones!)

A clock without arms is surely just a circle or is it a symbol for the lack of time we feel we have, or don’t have. I liked it. It made me feel calm. Time wasn’t flying by. I was departing and had no-one to meet, so time was washing over me. I think more clocks should just be circles. It would make for a less pressured environment.

In a past office job of mine there used to be two clocks at either end of a corridor, both stopped still. One stated home time and the other stated lunch time. It was cruel, as my mind would always register them even though I knew they were broken and wrong. This corridor showed the time you wanted it to be but it was only right twice a day. On reflection I should have made them handless.

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  1. Phil says:

    My favourite blog post so far 🙂 Admittedly I’ve only read about 5 but still, I love it!

    On a purely practical note that clock, before the hands were removed, was about 10 minutes slow,  A clock without arms may make you feel calm, a slow clock will just make you miss your train. I know which i prefer (though the practical side of me would just fix it!) 

    • Rebi says:

      Why thank you! A slow clock is extremely frustrating and one with such a role to play should be ashamed of itself. Tut! Do you think it was reprimanded by the removal of his arms?

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