A family outing

I went to my family home for the weekend in Birmingham with promises of great photo opportunities. How could I resist? I find this as tempting an offer as the amazing home cooked food and the open fire. We were going to Longbridge where there has been huge amounts of demolition and degeneration after MG Rover collapsed, which resulted in almost 6,000 job losses. This is just one of the satellite views using google maps.

We were armed with two SLR digital camera’s, two iPhones and a tripod. We also had the aid of a ladder, silly hats and an umbrella. The below photograph was taken and edited by my Brother, Theo.

I had such a great time! The weather wasn’t great but it was so much fun regardless. I got to experiment with my camera and do something a bit different.


The sight was amazingly vast and this strange orangey red colour. You could just make out where the foundations had been. Driving around all of Longbridge reminds you of some kind of post apocalyptic town. The train station is abandoned and there are loads of locked gates to non-places.

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  1. Ali says:

    I love the slide show. It’s really clever!

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