Death row

I went to Birmingham this weekend to see my family and friends, which was great fun! I happened to have lots of furniture related adventures too. The first was on Friday when Theo told me he was throwing out his TV and taking it to the tip. I mentioned that if it was put outside the house with a pleasant note attached, that someone was bound to take it. It was agreed that this was a plan (I thank you) and I was put in charge of writing the note!

Unfortunately some school kids thought it would be mighty clever to remove the taped down remote and throw it to the floor. Faith in humanity when down many notches at that moment but was soon restored by a gentleman in a van who picked up the TV. Stevie went out to give him the previously confiscated remote and to help him load it into the van. He was very grateful and it was a lovely exchange. The second was on Friday evening when I spied these chairs next to Jo’s house hiding in the bushes.

The third was initially received via photo text message. I went to visit Jo’s Studio space (The Lombard Method) which is a wonderful space and Stevie text me to say he has spotted 6 chairs that were being thrown out at his office and whether Jo would like them. Jo did, so on Saturday morning we went to the office on our chair collecting mission.

On the way home is where my fourth experience happened. There was a line of discusting, fake leather cream sofa’s and arm chairs. They had been vandalised with red paint which in my opinion improved them ten fold! I decided to do a photo montage of what looked like furniture death row.

I wonder if I spent all of my time having experiences like this, whether I could somehow be employed to do so. Advisor of ‘good home’ furniture? Documentary Street Photographer? Manager of the Furniture Exchange Programme? I can dream.

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