Cats and chairs

My friend Phil has recently moved to London and the other day, in the big city he sighted this delight! I was over the moon to receive this in my work inbox, half way through a difficult day. It’s amazing how quickly my frame of mind changes when seeing a new chair. I love the fact that this one looks like it’s still functioning in it’s role as a comfortable seat, cushion and all. It almost looks like it’s basking in the sunshine.

On the same day I was walking home to clear my head, photographing the things I saw on the way when I came across this cat sitting on a chair. It was such a confident cat that looked so sure of itself. He gave me a look that my cats give me when they are telling me who really owns the furniture in our house.

The day was improved by cats and chairs. I think I’ll always feel okay if I get my cat and chair fix!

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