Lunch time blogger

I have been feeling a bit slack on the blogging front recently. I am trying a new tactic, whereby I write the words for my posts in my lunch breaks. I have huge amounts of photos of furniture to share and a few new ideas on the horizon too. I just need a time machine, which I really don’t think is a lot to ask! H. G. Wells was on to something in his science fiction novel The Time Machine which I think I will read as research.

In other news my Mum Ali has been documenting a sofa in Birmingham on an almost daily basis. (Thank you!!) It is not often that a piece of furniture stays abandoned for such a long time. I am looking forward to seeing the collection together and looking for changes between them. I might suggest we make a flip book out of them! Here is one of the photos I have been sent so far:

It looks like it’s going to grow into the surroundings!

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