You canny have them all

I have been seeing huge amounts of discarded seating of late and I can’t always photograph them for practical reasons. Sometimes I’m en route to catch a train, other times (as a non-driver) it is tricky/sometimes dangerous to stop the car. Here is a slideshow of the ones I have been able to document in the last month or so:

I used to find it really disappointing sailing past an opportunity to snap a sofa but I have decided recently that I have to work out my options. I can either enjoy the view and not worry about it with the attitude of ‘what will be, will be’ or I can try to acknowledge them in a different way. I have chosen to write a description down as I see them, even if it’s really vague, just as a reminder. These are the ones that got away in the last four days:

Birmingham, Pershore Road

Front garden, floral two seater with huge amounts of rubble piled on it.

Front garden brown leather two seater, on side outside what looks like a student house.

Birmingham, unknown

Wooden frame of two seater, very unique looking on roadside.

Next to carpark, in grass, upturned red part of a sofa

End of drive, with building materials, a handful of wooden dining room table chairs

Nottingham, Gregory Boulevard

Blue sofa up against a house

Brown upturned in garden

Nottingham, unknown

White dining room chair, outside of door next to tins of paint

2 Responses to “You canny have them all”

  1. Amanda Young says:

    Rebbie, these are wonderful, like a collection of haiku. Would you be up for working together to do a small print run of them? I would release them (selling them for you) under my publishing name Wort -yard. I’ve got a blog started, though haven’t yet done a release. This would be a wonderful start. Are you up for it? Amanda xxx

    • rebi says:

      Thank you!! That’s sounds ace and I would love to! Your blog is grand! Would you be interested in the descriptions of discarded furniture, the photographs or a bit of both? I shall email you now! Thanks again love xxx

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