When I see discarded furniture, I think of you

I met one of my Mum’s friends for the first time this weekend and she said that she loved my discarded furniture project and always thinks of me when she sees them. It’s amusing and lovely in equal measures to be thought about as someone sights what most people would consider waste or rubbish. She had been in the car many times with my Mum as she stopped to photograph a sofa.

We had a good conversation about how people’s furniture, especially sofa’s are intimate items. Whilst thinking about how I personify them, I started to imagine how much of their owners life they have witnessed. I thought of the neglected chair, that was bought for show and then turfed out when no longer fashionable or the worn out re-upholstered sofa that has given such comfort over the years. They all have such stories to tell and are such characters; an extension perhaps of the people who sit on them.


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