52 artists 4 Bulwell

52 artists 4 Bulwell  is a project that has been a collaboration between 53 artists. I was one of the 53 to get involved and the brief was to create an art work the size and shape of a playing card. Here’s my one:

I went to Bulwell and took lots of photos of flaking paint, rust, broken fences/walls (which I photograph on a daily basis when walking around and about) and decided to cut them up and create a pattern with them. I wanted the pattern to be symmetrical with the idea in mind that every neighbourhood has it’s worn out parts and similar sights to see. I did some research into the meaning and history of the word ‘Symmetry’ and after reading about it reflecting beauty and the idea of perfection, I liked the link of using photos of weathered and not typically beautiful parts of Bulwell to create this symmetrical pattern.

My playing card

The artworks are in an online exhibition at www.nottart.com and the original artworks will be placed around Bulwell during the first half of 2013, for chance interactions with passers-by.



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