Today in January

Diary photo in a row

Since I can remember I have tried to write a diary, in some form or another. This year I thought I would share some of the descriptions I have given to a day in January. January is the most well documented month, I sometimes don’t even reach February.

I choose the first sentence that started with ‘Today…’ and here they are:

1997 – Today we went sleighing we met my form teacher there.
1999 – Today was a bit on the argumentative side but still enjoyable.
2000 – Today was nothing special, celloing all day an average Wednesday really.
2001 – Today was better than a crap day but not nearly as good as a good day.
2002 – Today wasn’t the best day it could have been but it was good.
2003 – Today was a really class day, I smiled all day.
2007 – Today I woke up as happy as Larry – unaware of last nights mishaps.
2009 – Today it was really good to start using the brain again.
2010 – Today I was full of beans at the prospect of having some well deserved time off work.
2012 – Today was hard to describe.

I am going to attempt, at the very least during January to keep a daily something.


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