I cannot get enough of chair imagery

Really enjoy these chairs and these pieces of furniture from a flea market that Eric Trine’s has written about in his blog. It is really interesting and so organised. There are also lots of great images too!

I hope to become better and write more often. At the studio we have spoken about trying to write at the same time every week to get into a routine. Maybe I need to start planning in time to write but there’s something to be said for writing it when you’re really excited about something.

I’m really excited now but am frustrated because I have misplaced my camera. (I have a sneaky suspicion Al has taken it to photograph football) My photographs always remind me of the feeling I felt when making work or seeing an object.

I hope to write again when he returns. I shall continue to watch the film ‘To Sir with Love‘ .

Craft potential

As part of  White Rabbit Studios we are hoping to get involved with the Hockley Arts market. I have my thinking cap on about what I could bring to such an event.

I have a few ideas along the same lines as my practise but in a sellable form. I would like to use some of my photographs of abandoned furniture in some way.

Row of Chairs

I would also like to try my hand at making clocks as someone who is fascinates by them. I think I’m finding it difficult to translate my ideas but I think it’s an interesting challenge.

We went to the Hockley Arts Market this weekend to have a look round and I thought Gemma Latimer’s illustrations were fantastic. Will definitely purchase when I have moved into new house. Looking forward to having lots of framed delights on the walls.

Blooming brilliant day

Went to the studio for the day and it was most brilliant! It was so good to be able to spend time reading, thinking and making. Shall do a proper update in the next few days.

Another interesting link from Tez – Waste Not: Song Dong at Moma.


My friend Tez sent me the link to this teapot by designer Alexander Hulme. His website www.alexhulme.com is amazing! I really like ‘Fuzzy Logic’, ‘Systems and Solutions’ and ‘Lost Objects’. ‘All the things I use in one day’ is a really nice way of documenting the everyday too. Very excited! I love it when people send me links they think I’d like. I’m pretty rubbish at finding them myself at times.

Wonderful weekend

I had a wonderful weekend at our open studio as part of Sherwood Arts Week. We had 200 people through our gates and we met such lovely people. I’d like to thank everyone who came and showed their support. I am looking forward to us hopefully having more events in the future.

As part of the exhibition I had a computer set up with excel open so people could make their own spreadsheet art.

Boy on excel

It was  a very straight forward idea. I just wanted to give people the opportunity to use a piece of office software for a different function than it would usually be associated with. Here is what was created:

Amy's SpreadsheetunknownTheo's SpreadsheetDan, Sam and Andrew spreadsheetBradleigh's Spreadsheetunknown2Haydn Spreadsheet 1Haydn's Spreadsheet 2unknown3

Collaborative Spreadsheet Art

When looking up spreadsheet art I found that the Google docs team had made a collaborative spreadsheet to demonstrate  how you can use Google docs. Brilliant idea!

One article from a site called  suite 101 said ‘Watching the art emerge from a source usually associated with business is entertaining and inspiring.’

New Artists

Christian Frosi

Christian Frosi

For my train journey to Birmingham I decided to look through the yearbook for ‘Frieze Art Fair 2007-8’. It was interesting to see how Artists are described in one paragraph. I found 6 artists I want to look into and realised I haven’t done this for a while.

At the moment I am looking at Tara Donovan ‘magisterial sculptures, made from found materials’, Gabriel Kuri ‘explores what might be called ‘commercial ephemera’- items left over from commercial exchanges and Christian Frosi ‘creates environments that address the potential of objects and images to lose their meaning.’

I also had a chat with my friend Jo about the idea of art being sold and how I cannot get my head round it. At the stall in our Sherwood Arts week event I am thinking about selling cm rulers for measuring items smaller than a cm and include some suggestions of things which are smaller than a cm. I would like the items for sale to be a sellable extension of my work but we shall see.