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Christian Frosi

Christian Frosi

For my train journey to Birmingham I decided to look through the yearbook for ‘Frieze Art Fair 2007-8’. It was interesting to see how Artists are described in one paragraph. I found 6 artists I want to look into and realised I haven’t done this for a while.

At the moment I am looking at Tara Donovan ‘magisterial sculptures, made from found materials’, Gabriel Kuri ‘explores what might be called ‘commercial ephemera’- items left over from commercial exchanges and Christian Frosi ‘creates environments that address the potential of objects and images to lose their meaning.’

I also had a chat with my friend Jo about the idea of art being sold and how I cannot get my head round it. At the stall in our Sherwood Arts week event I am thinking about selling cm rulers for measuring items smaller than a cm and include some suggestions of things which are smaller than a cm. I would like the items for sale to be a sellable extension of my work but we shall see.

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