Spring has sprung

Walking up the road this morning, the sun was but and it was very chilly. I saw these and it made my day. I imagine from now on, I shall be seeing more and more on my travels.



Snowy seating

I have been sent these snowy beauties by Caroline. (Thank you!!) They must be so cold! Brrrrr.




I have been sent this photo by Kathryn (Thank you!) of the funniest little chair I ever did see! It’s just so dinky.


Sofa season

I think sofa season might be on its way (yay!) as yesterday I received two sets of sofa finds from Caroline and Ali (thank you!).





I spotted a good armchair but couldn’t stop and my drive by photograph was a blur.

Under the streetlight

Whilst on a stroll to the local pub, down an alley way I spotted this set of abandoned furniture up against a wall. The lighting was really filmic as they were under the glow of a streetlight. My friend wondered where I was skipping off to and why I was leading her down there, but it soon became clear when she saw the chair. It must be annoying to walk anywhere will me when I stop to take photos. Saying that most people have learnt to keep walking and I soon catch up.

Under the streetlight 1Under the streetlight 2

Sad sofa story

Nicky at work sent me this wonderful sofa (Thank you!), which made my day however there is a sad story behind it.

‘It’s an old family sofa.  It started life at my mum and dad’s house for years and then moved to my brothers house for a few years before it took its last breathe of life!

My brother then stored it in a garage for a couple of years and never moved it, so big sister (me) took charge and arranged for it to be moved to my front garden and it is currently waiting for a council collection and it will be removed from our life forever.’ 

Family sofa

It really is amazing how many memories furniture and objects conjure. I think this sums up why I am interested in discarded furniture really well. 

Like salmon going upstream

This abandoned chair that my Mum, Ali sent me was spotted looking as though it was trying to swim upstream. I think this is a definite first for the collection (thank you!!!) I’m not sure I have ever seen a chair treading water before!


Woodhall Spa – First day

My first day in Woodhall Spa has been a real treat; from abandoned buildings, to cats on soft tops and discarded armchairs, what’s not to love? It has been no less than brilliant and has such a friendly feel (except right next to the Conservative club, which is slightly bleak). We had a wonderful gold teapot full of tea and a scone, raspberry jam and cream at Janet’s Tea Rooms, which is a visual treat for the eyes as you are surrounded by fantastic bric a brac delights. This was welcome after a 7 mile walk down by the river and round about.

Abandoned building Domestic postbox White truck in field Blue worn out fence Yummy tea and scones Broken wooden chair White cat on soft top car Arm Chair with bin bags


Moseley bogs

This chair was found at the end of a lovely walk through Moseley bogs with my family. It is a great place to walk, rain or shine as there are raised walk ways. There are lots of points where you have to choose the direction and sometimes the wooden walkways just stop. Whilst we were there, a jogger got stuck behind us and did an hilarious impatient jog off the pathway through the bog, splashing with every step. It really made me giggle!