New slideshows

These are quite experimental but I like the way they have turned out. I wanted to combine the photos I have taken of worn out walls and pealing paint, and make a split screen slideshow. I decided to put a black screen in between each photo to replicate the way original slideshows worked.

The time I give each section differs and is something I am looking forward to playing around with. I think they are too fast and intend on making some that are slowed down.

Slideshow research

Whilst reading about the history of the projector, I found this video of the Kodak Film Slide Projector:

I like the black screen you get with old fashioned slideshows, a quick break until the next image. If I could get away with it, I would invite people round for slideshows and cups of tea all the time.

Old signs revealed

I was in town on Friday and I spotted this old sign that had been revealed whilst renovating the shop.

DSCN8551_1 DSCN8552_1 DSCN8553_1

Then whilst in Sherwood today I spotted this one too.

DSCN8606_1 DSCN8608_1

Video collage

I woke up this morning thinking about different ways I can document my walks. I really love looking around me at and seeing the way the pavement changes and the sky is framed by trees. I take photos of worn out buildings, abandoned furniture and other thing that catch my eye. I think walks are contemplative and relaxing, and I just wanted to play around with what you see around you. I had the idea to take photos of the floor and video the sky.



Extreme weather

Everyday you experience a different type of weather. I quite enjoy the changing conditions but each type does provide its own challenges.

This morning: Fog



This afternoon: Sunshine



My walk home yesterday



I think a close up is necessary:

Shocked cat



I have started to walk home more regularly. Even though it’s pretty straight forward and not through rolling hills or beautiful fields (That’s the dream) I still see some exciting sights. It always clears my head too.

Petal on rug

Went into my living room this morning and found this petal on the rug. I like the colours and texture.




Just found an app on my phone that I didn’t know was lurking about. It’s called Paper Artist and means you can put different effects on your photos. I like the effect on the photo I took of a pigeon sheltering from the wind.

All the lines


Today I braved the Westfield shopping centre in Derby. Wow! We had no idea where we were half the time and went to the wrong car park on the way out, then we discovered the maps! The sun was pouring through the car park and created a cracking shadow.

52 artists 4 Bulwell

52 artists 4 Bulwell  is a project that has been a collaboration between 53 artists. I was one of the 53 to get involved and the brief was to create an art work the size and shape of a playing card. Here’s my one:

I went to Bulwell and took lots of photos of flaking paint, rust, broken fences/walls (which I photograph on a daily basis when walking around and about) and decided to cut them up and create a pattern with them. I wanted the pattern to be symmetrical with the idea in mind that every neighbourhood has it’s worn out parts and similar sights to see. I did some research into the meaning and history of the word ‘Symmetry’ and after reading about it reflecting beauty and the idea of perfection, I liked the link of using photos of weathered and not typically beautiful parts of Bulwell to create this symmetrical pattern.

My playing card

The artworks are in an online exhibition at and the original artworks will be placed around Bulwell during the first half of 2013, for chance interactions with passers-by.