Memo Holder

Spent the evening in the Robin Hood which is a lovely pub in Sherwood with Katie and Adam. Feel really positive after being a little lost about what I’m making for Sherwood Arts Festival. We’re having an event/exhibition at White Rabbit Studios which we’re all in the process of making work for.

I cannot believe how link happy I just got. I’m very excited about having this space to jot down my ideas and progress.

memo holder

I have been trying to make a Memo holder using wooden rulers and combs. Today I realised that I don’t like using glue to stick the ruler to the comb and i’m getting frustrated. I either need to get more patience or try different materials. Perhaps string or tape. I might even start to make different objects with the wooden rulers as I’m falling out of love with the idea of a memo holder. It’s starting to feel a bit daft and would like to work on other ideas.

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