In the shower thoughts

String wrapped around hand for the length of the advert break

String wrapped around my hand for the length of an advert break

I was thinking about my ball of string idea where I want to wrap string around my hand for periods of time. I like the idea of timing everyday activities like having a shower and measuring the time with string.

With most things you do, you have an understanding of how long they take or you project how long you think things will take. Two people in discussion will not necessarily agree on how long something will take e.g. waiting for a bus. One person might have had the unfortunate situation of waiting and waiting to then have three buses turn up at once and thus project that waiting for a bus is a lengthy process.

If I had a lot of balls of string in a room that represents different activities, they would become relative to each other, a bit like two people discussing the passing of time. Each ball of string will be representing their own abstract period of time.

At this point I thought I better get out of the shower and go to work to earn money to pay for string.

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