Having nothing particular to do – a very strange feeling indeed

A piece of writing whilst at University. Thursday 7th September 2006- 2.35pm

No matter how hard you try to stretch out the everyday mundane routine based tasks you set yourself, you still seem to be left with this vacant time. Filling it is a challenge and one that the easily bored should steer clear of. I seem to be super efficient when I don’t need to be and a procrastinator of the highest order when time is limited.

I wish time was in a token type system where you could save the time you struggle to waste on days where you just don’t have anything to do, it’d be grand.

‘Yes, I can go out tonight even though the essay is incomplete and under researched and in for tomorrow because the other month I was good with my time saving and clocked up a good 12 hours of time, so I’ll see you at 8’ If only!

I wonder where you’d register these time tokens…would there be a clock in machine type system in every house hold or would it add to the laborious tasks like the bank trips in which you dread if the calculations you did on the back of the receipt of that ultra unnecessary jumper you bought add up. Simply ‘Do I have enough time saved?’ ‘Can I afford the time to do that?’ but literally.

Imagine the bank (time bank) queues leading up to the summer holidays. It would be a nightmare. This time manipulated world I’m dreaming up (because I simply have nothing better to do) is a world whereby students are rich…in time.

Wasting time should never been seen as easy and should always be taken with caution. Either, you will regret this when you’re running out of time in the future and the blame stage will set in OR worse still, you will discover that you’re a bit dull and can’t entertain yourself without a screen in front of your yawning bored existence.

I always feel outrageously guilty for feeling bored. I think ‘What right do I have to feel bored when there’s so much to be done’ but it’s hard. Really hard to motivate your brain when the ‘To do’  list is empty.

Try making up a ‘To do’ list of things you’d like to do. Everything’s either too expensive, would be better with company or you’re too exhausted with no energy that you loose all sense of an imagination. This is where jobs are good. I like jobs as a concept. You go somewhere where the ‘To do’ lists are written for you or at least you have a role to play and you waste time there.

The bonus is you get paid for it. Time is money. A yawn whilst at work is so much more satisfying than a yawn when you’ve dragged yourself out of bed as something to do and you’re watching TV whilst Trisha or Jeremy Kyle introduce you to people who are worse off or more dull than yourself.

Actively wasting time is tough. There should be guidebooks for this kind of human degeneration. Act on it without advice and you become sad or worse still, you feel nothing. Excuse me whilst I switch off.

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