I'm an amateur, but a happy one

After going to the butterfly farm in Stratford this weekend, I had a huge urge to paint watercolour butterflies. I bought myself one of those boxes that you get when you’re a child, with all the essentials to get you started. I can see looking at the photo and my first attempt side by side that I haven’t quite finished and I have a long way to go. However, I am extremely happy to have had a go.

Butterfly 10.11.09Original

I have found this website www.watercolorpainting.com which has lots of advice and ways of using watercolour (with a toothbrush for example) that I would never have thought of.

I have always had a strained relationship with painting. I think this is because your first experiences of art at school is painting and I never felt like I could get my ideas across successfully through it. One of the reasons that I am drawn to giving it a go again is probably my feeling of lacking in skill. A part of me thinks that if I can watercolour, I will have a skill that is more widely accepted.

Which makes me think, maybe I should take up the cello again…

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