Taking Time

Taking Time – Craft and the Slow Revolution

I went to see this show in Birmingham at the Waterhall with my Nan, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I was especially impressed by the work of Sue Lawty. There were tiny stones collected and positioned together to make this large scale image. Every stone represents it’s only period of time. It is explained perfectly by Sue Lawty herself on the ‘Making a Slow Revolution‘ blog.

Calculus 2009 – 2 x 3 m – natural stone on gesso (photo credit: John Coombes)

Calculas - Sue Lawty

My Dad Steve collects stones mainly from Scotland. They are such amazing objects and do make you think about how long they have been around and what experiences have moulded their shape and pattern. By taking them out of their natural environment you are almost freezing them in time, because they won’t be weathered and ground into sand.

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