Concrete memorial chair

On Kay’s travels she found this concrete chair sculpture on an ocean path. It had been put there as a memorial to someone. I like the fact that someone decided to do something different from the usual bench idea. Looks like when you sit on it you get an amazing view!

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  1. Amanda Young says:

    Hiya Rebbie! Wow, what a wonderful blog you have. I really love your trails of thought and the photographs of discarded furniture. Think the single chairs are very strong images. It’s great that other folk are getting into the search with you too! I could imaging your red circle carpet and yellow tights as a huge print on the wall. Thanks for adding me in your links. I’m confused that there is another ‘Amanda Young’ in your links who sure aint me, unless there is my doppleganger somewhere in Nottingham. Was lovely to see you last night. Take care, Amanda. (

  2. db says:

    we have one of these in bergen as well.. i´ll snap it the next time i see it
    deceptively uncomfortable..

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