Shaving with Stanley

I had a very slow start to my Sunday. I went to the studio in hunt for string for a new idea. Once we’d opened the door it swelled up and became too big for the frame. We tried slamming it but no such luck. I phoned my Dad, Steve who came up with some cracking ideas but we had none of the necessary objects to help; hair dryer, extension cable, rope or appropriately sized piece of wood. I ended up having to use what we had, shaving the door with the aid of a Stanley knife. A laborious task but after some time it closed and we could go home to try out my new string idea!

I was having a cup of Earl grey with Phil and the topic of the Shroud of Turin came up. Phil was telling me about all the conspiracy, especially with particular reference to the ‘Analysis of optical perspective‘. This is the idea that the face would be distorted if the Shroud had been a result of the cloths contact with the face, because of the contours. This made me think about how my face would be represented if measured by string. I have had a first attempt today and you can see that the nose is particularly affected by the distortion.

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