Overwelmed and organised

Lately, I have been overwelmed by the sheer quantity (and quality!) of the furniture being spotted. I recieve emails/picture messages on (some good weeks) nearly a daily basis. I am always photographing furniture myself too, so the collection is growing and fast. I have been talking to a handsome web developer about creating a mapping system and we are in the process of building it. I’m trying to do some forward planning and have been logging the locations on a spreadsheet, but it’s a mamonth admin task. It is great to revisit the ones I haven’t looked at for years and reminisce, and I believe it will be worth it when it comes together.


One of the things I’d like to do is have an archive consisting of all the photos that have been taken to date, as a starting point. I shall start to look into the best way of doing this over the next week.

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