A treat for the birds

At work this week, a conversation about bird feeding came about. Emma told me about an ace way to make a bird treat out of the following:

– a pine cone
– string
– peanut butter
– seeds

You will need a spoon and some scissors too.

My Grandad, who we called DeeDee, was a bird feeding champion. My Dad, Stevie has inherited the bird feeding gene and the birds in Birmingham are fat and happy. I love to feed them when I visit, so thought trying out this bird treat was a great idea!

1. Tie string around the pine cone.

Pine cone and string

2. Using a spoon, lather the pine cone in peanut butter (our birds were spoilt with sunpat crunchy peanut butter).

Peanut butter on pine cone
3. Bathe the pine cone in seeds until covered. (again, spoilt with Waitrose seeds)

Stevie and Seeds

Pine cone in seeds
4. Get two of your favourite people (Al and Stevie), who are taller than you, to hang it in the garden from a tree.Al and Stevie

And there you have it, a delicious treat for the birds!

Treat for the birds
Massive thanks to Emma for cheering me up at work with this idea!

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