Moseley bogs

This chair was found at the end of a lovely walk through Moseley bogs with my family. It is a great place to walk, rain or shine as there are raised walk ways. There are lots of points where you have to choose the direction and sometimes the wooden walkways just stop. Whilst we were there, a jogger got stuck behind us and did an hilarious impatient jog off the pathway through the bog, splashing with every step. It really made me giggle!

Garages galore

Me and my family went for a walk in Hall Green and stumbled across the most amazing garages I ever did see. They reminded me of a real life George Shaw painting. I think they are beautiful.

The odd thing is, for my Dad’s birthday I gave him a postcard of a George Shaw painting of Garages which is spookily like the ones we saw, down to the puddle.

Today I have been photographing…garages?

Yes, it’s true! I have been on a lovely walk around Sherwood in the autumn sunshine and three garages caught my eye. I think they are super and I don’t think it’s garage envy because I don’t have one. I like the fact they look well used or forgotten about, it’s a fine line.

Look at the colours, they are just incredible today!

I love the video!

Whilst exploring New York, there were some moments that I wanted to document by video. Here are my favourites:

Goodbye Central Park

We have just done our last walk around Central Park in the sunshine. It is so beautiful and I wonder if such a great setting inspires people to walk and exercise more. Seeing couples on the lake is lovely and funny to see so many people in one place taking photographs. It would be incredible to see a montage of them all!


Mr Toad

Last week I met the loveliest toad on my road. He was an elderly toad and walked at a leisurely pace. I helped him cross the road and thought ‘How lovely to have met such a toad.’ I am sorry to say four days after meeting Mr Toad, I found him lying peacefully on the side of the road. He looked like he was sleeping, but he wasn’t. I picked him up and took him to sit by our pond as I thought he might just be exhausted. He was still there in the morning so he is now buried by the pond. I have decided to draw Mr Toad and imagine his life before I met him. He looks sad because of his toad mouth but I think he was just a great thinker.

This was middle aged Mr Toad, thinking of retirement and of exotic ponds.

Birmingham treats!

I went to Birmingham for the weekend to visit my family and whilst there we went for a walk along the river cole. It is rare that I visit and we don’t visit the river, but this time we went even further than usual. One thing I was surprised to see was such a variety of birds. There were seagulls, pigeons, ducks, magpies, a robin…and those were only the ones I could identify with my poor knowledge and experience in bird spotting!

We got to a road and thought we better loop back. On this road there was a discarded sofa (which had the remains of snow on it) and an armchair. There was also a sign in a door window saying ‘No Broken picture frames’ which was the topic of conversation on our way homewards.

Later on me and my Brother went on a sunset seeking mission and on the way spotted a pink chair trapped behind a metal fence with lots of other stuff.

Caged furniture

There have been a few times recently that I have walked around the Sherwood/Carrington area and have sighted chairs thrown into cages (well behind railings at least). There is something even more sad looking about a chair that isn’t even accessible by people to perform it’s number one function, to be sat upon.


This photo was taken by my Mum, Ali. I don’t think I’ve ever seen frost on a cobweb like this, looks like beautiful lace.


Yesterday I decided to go on my own frost finding adventure. I saw a sofa covered in frost which was glistening.



Today I got up early, threw on clothes and Al and I wandered to the Pirate park in search of more frosty sights. It wasn’t as cold but there were still some signs that Frost had visited. I love a frosty morning!




I might well have ended up on the amazing swing…

Familiar walk

In Hall Green in Birmingham there are great walks by the river. The best remedy for over eating is stretching your legs and Christmas leads to me regularly eating too much. Everything is so familiar but there are always new things to discover. I always seek out the lock whenever I go that way.

We met a lovely woman who feeds the geese everyday. She called one of them lefty, one righty and one blindy; she says that they are regularly attacked by dogs.