A chair at Summer Sundae

Last year I went to Summer Sundae and it was amazingly good fun! It was Gemma, Al and I (three go camping) and on the first morning when we woke up there was a commotion. People had broken into the festival overnight using a chair, which they had then abandoned and a crate. For a spotter of discarded furniture, who specialises in chairs, this was extremely exciting!! I got my paparazzi brain in gear and started snapping.

Uh oh, a chair and crate, but why?

Sentenced to removal by security

As I am getting myself ready to go to Summer Sundae again this year (Eeeek!), I thought I would share the photos. I suspect, as there are new rules about allocation of booze, that people might well be hatching plans to smuggle in more alcohol. If you hear a bump in the night, it might well be someone launching a box of wine over the fence!


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