Experimentation at the studio

My most recent experimentation:


10 seconds of poured glue

I am trying to make sculptures out of glue by pouring it for periods of time. I set up a few experiments and none of them have even slightly dried.

Did some research and the way to get water based glues to dry is to aid evaporation of the water in them. The three things to remember are that you need a) Hot temperature. B) Make a large surface area and C) Reduce density of surrounding water vapour in the air (good ventilation/wind/fan).

I am going to try making some flatter attempts to increase surface area. Hopefully they will dry but not sure if  they’ll be as sculptural.


1 minute highlighted

I coloured in the corner or each piece of paper starting with 10 seconds to 60 seconds with a highlighter. I would like to colour in some larger paper for the period of time of events, like with the string pieces.


1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minutes of tape

I wrapped tape around the end of bic Biro’s for 1 minute, 2 minutes and 3 minutes. I used masking tape as a base layer but the tape still wouldn’t come off. It also put a real strain on my hand and became quite painful. I shall try wrapping it around other things too. I was thinking it would be quite good to try doing this with something that spins – like a cassette player with a pen in it.

Spray paint

Spray paint 20 seconds

I sprayed the paint onto paper for different periods of time. Where it had been sprayed in a concentrated area it became shiny. I think this is a very simple idea but would like to try it in different ways.

Blooming brilliant day

Went to the studio for the day and it was most brilliant! It was so good to be able to spend time reading, thinking and making. Shall do a proper update in the next few days.

Another interesting link from Tez – Waste Not: Song Dong at Moma.


Experimented in the studio tonight and this is what happened. The string was wrapped around my hand for the amount of time it took me to go to the shop, and then unravelled.

String on wall - 'Going to the shop'

String on wall detail

String on wall detail

Glue and String

String and glueAfter a few close calls with the string pieces threatening to unravel themselves entirely, I started to think about ways to make them more permanent. I like the fact that they are ephemeral but thought it would be a good thing to try. Katie suggested using Varnish which I think would make them encased and shiny. I like this idea and will try different methods but I have just tried PVA glue as a starting point. It works really well as it still has the same aesthetic of string and the feel is just a harder,less fragile version. I worry that when parts get glued into place,  it changes where they fall and what people will get from the work. Going to have  good think.

I have really exciting news!! I’ve used some of my holiday allowance so that I can have every other Monday off until October. I’m really looking forward to having the day in the studio, just trying things out and attempting focus.

Wonderful weekend

I had a wonderful weekend at our open studio as part of Sherwood Arts Week. We had 200 people through our gates and we met such lovely people. I’d like to thank everyone who came and showed their support. I am looking forward to us hopefully having more events in the future.

As part of the exhibition I had a computer set up with excel open so people could make their own spreadsheet art.

Boy on excel

It was  a very straight forward idea. I just wanted to give people the opportunity to use a piece of office software for a different function than it would usually be associated with. Here is what was created:

Amy's SpreadsheetunknownTheo's SpreadsheetDan, Sam and Andrew spreadsheetBradleigh's Spreadsheetunknown2Haydn Spreadsheet 1Haydn's Spreadsheet 2unknown3

Finding time – 1 week to go

There is 1 week to go until ‘Finding Time’  located at White Rabbit studios. There is lots to be getting on with and I am feeling a nervous excitement. We were at the studio till late last night and I realised two things 1) I have never looked in our shed before and 2) The space has lots of potential for future projects. I think I finally feel at home in a studio.

Finding Time invite

A difference of opinion

I have just read an article written from one persons perspective about the best way to run a studio group. I don’t think an oligarchy works for me. I only recently learnt how relevant the word oligarchy was when talking to a friend at work.

I think democracy in a studio group is a positive thing. Being able to discuss ideas, share decisions and allow everyone to have a chance to have their say is great. I can appreciate that in a large group of people there is going to be more debate and disagreement, but it’s worth it if people feel valued and a part of something. A few people making all of the decisions without election will lead to others feeling frustrated, under valued and truly duped. I am a huge fan of the vote and if something is voted out of my favour, I am happy to stand down. It’s when there isn’t a vote in the first place that I struggle.


Went to the studio this evening and felt really productive. Probably had a lot to do with the studio being warm enough to have the window open, rather than so cold you turn into an icicle. Was a delight!


I sat on my new comfortable waiting room seat (it has taken me many months to upgrade from camping furniture) and wrapped string around my hand for 30 minutes, the amount of time I spend on my lunch at work. It became really heavy and tedious. I then did the same for 3 minutes, the time it takes me to walk to the bus stop in the morning. Really looking forward to building up a collection of them to be displayed on the floor. I’m trying to figure out the best way to display the titles- need to experiment.

Had a new idea to make a piece called 1 foot squared. Looking forward to trying this out.

Memo Holder

Spent the evening in the Robin Hood which is a lovely pub in Sherwood with Katie and Adam. Feel really positive after being a little lost about what I’m making for Sherwood Arts Festival. We’re having an event/exhibition at White Rabbit Studios which we’re all in the process of making work for.

I cannot believe how link happy I just got. I’m very excited about having this space to jot down my ideas and progress.

memo holder

I have been trying to make a Memo holder using wooden rulers and combs. Today I realised that I don’t like using glue to stick the ruler to the comb and i’m getting frustrated. I either need to get more patience or try different materials. Perhaps string or tape. I might even start to make different objects with the wooden rulers as I’m falling out of love with the idea of a memo holder. It’s starting to feel a bit daft and would like to work on other ideas.